Workshops, Masterclasses & Choral Training

Does your group need something different? Have you been charged with organising staff development? Perhaps you want to fuel your team with innovative ideas…

Workshops offer a chance to rejuvenate, inspire and progress people and often offer groups far more than just the central topic of the class. Singing and vocal classes allow great team building, freedom of expression and development of inter-personal skills.

Examples of previous workshop topics conducted include:

Vocal Technique, Physicality and Integration, Singing is still Acting, Diction and Text Work, Ensemble Singing, Musicianship for Non Musicians, Confidence is Key

Large-scale masterclasses and workshops are available in a variety of key performance areas and can be tailored specifically to the needs of your ensemble, group or class regardless of ability or age.

There is now the opportunity to arrange a young-persons’ masterclass in singing, both for choral groups and individual performance, specifically tailored for children aged between 7 and 13.