Singing Lessons

Solve problems, increase potential, understand your voice, develop your technique… everyone can learn to sing

Rob has been teaching singing for many years. He trained as a classical singer and, within his career as a Musical Theatre educationalist, he combines theatrical artistry with technical acumen to help students achieve a controlled and truthful approach to performance.

Rob runs a private teaching studio based in Essex whilst also maintaining a clientele of both musical institutions and private lessons in more diverse areas.

He is currently Head of Singing at Birmingham School of Acting having previously been both Programme Leader for the BA(Hons) in Musical Theatre and Head of Voice at University Centre Colchester.

His teaching, which is underpinned by the Estill Model, is a culmination of several holisitic approaches and is all based on the ‘how and why’ of creating and sustaining a safe vocal technique by having a sound understanding of the physiological formation of sound. He enables you to discover what you are doing and understanding why, increasing your ability to be in control of advancing your singing and repertoire in a safe and healthy manner.

Rob teaches and acts as a vocal troubleshooter for singers of Musical Theatre, Jazz, Oratorio and Commercial by helping to improve technical acumen, develop repertoire and integration, consolidate audition technique, and to generally maximise vocal potential.

Teaching a wide range of abilities, both amateurs and professionals, Rob is interested to hear from you whether you wish to begin or to develop your singing career. He can be contacted via for further details.